My Random Band’s Debut Album

OK, I was intrigued and followed the DIYnot formula to plan my random band’s debut album:

  1. Band name: Saint-Antonin-de-Sommaire
  2. Album title: Of Machine Over People
    From a random quotation that I just happened to really like
    “[Television is] the triumph of machine over people. —Fred Allen (1894 – 1956)”
  3. Album cover:
The black, intertwined branches offer a vague reminder of machinery, no?

The black, intertwined branches might resemble machinery surrounding the man, no?

Next steps: write some music, recruit band members, …

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MobileMe Compliments…

MobileMe got beat up in the blogosphere this summer, but Apple’s free trial with my new iPhone was too good to pass up.  For me, it’s been great.  I like the UI and it’s great to have access using whatever computer I happen to be near. So far, so good.  I’m new to the service and so I don’t miss the features that I never used; that seemed to be one of the main complaints.  

With good experiences behind me, I decided to go for the $40/year renewal plan (60% discount) and ordered a new .mac version 4.0 retail package with an activation code good for one year.  In this case, $40 wasn’t absolutely the lowest price available, however, the extra few dollars seemed worth it to use a well rated vendor and avoid the scammers who misrepresent used codes as new. 

While I was away for Thanksgiving, MobileMe wound up automatically renewing and billed my credit card for the full $99 price.  I returned today and contacted MobileMe support who created yet another reason to compliment MobileMe!  The online chat support from Adam C. made it quick and painless to get a refund on my credit card and switch the renewal over to the .mac activation code.  Thank you Apple!