Palm Prē Musings

(Posting an old article written in 2009 – iOS and then Android have really driven technology a long way!)

I’ve been using my Palm Prē for about a week now and thought I’d list some of the pros and cons while they are still fresh in my mind.  Caveat lector – the Prē was free in my case as an enticement to move to Sprint.  Of course, folks have explained that moving to Sprint was a big cost; but so far, it’s been allright.

The small size (about the same as a folded Razr) and curved surfaces fit the hand extremely well.


  • Sprint’s navigation app with 3D map display and voice announcements is definitely a step up and nearly as good as my dedicated  TomTom gps.   The TomTom doesn’t need an internet connection though.
  • “got root?” is much easier to answer yes to on the Prē; there’s no need to download software from sketchy web sites.
  • Synergy seems quite nice.  I unfortunately realize now how messy some of my address books have become.
  • Over the air backup and remote erase are included; no need for a separate subscription.
  • The screen resolution is great; putting the same number of pixels (480×320) in a smaller space will do this!
  • Multi-tasking and the card interface is really nice.
  • The notification system, as advertised, is much nicer than the iPhone’s traditional modal dialogs.


  • Call handling is quite limited.  I assume this is a Sprint “feature” and not a webOS/Prē limitation, but I’ve yet to dig into it.  Here are some things I’ve run into:
    • Switching between calls is only allowed for incoming calls.  If you add the second call, the phone app only provides conference call setup and will not let you switch between calls.   Nor can you hang up on just one call; your callees can hang up, but your hangup button closes both lines at the same time.
    • Only two calls can be added (three-way max).  Larger conferences require some other solution.
    • The EVDO network only handles one data connection at a time; while on a phone call, the EVDO internet connection is down.
    • Once connected to a phone call, there’s no way to turn off my bluetooth headset without hanging up on the call.

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